About the lab

The laboratory “Physical and Chemical Processes in the Walls of Fusion Installations” (PCPW) develops methods for remote control of the accumulation and removal of hydrogen isotopes from the walls of fusion installations using laser radiation. This topic is very relevant from the point of view of the safety of thermonuclear installations and was recently included by the international organization ITER in the list of tasks with the highest priority.

The project is not limited to plasma physics issues, but is also closely related to laser physics, solid-state physics, and materials science. The project plans to actively interact with various departments of NRNU MEPhI and many other organizations – FTI, ITEP, IPC RAS, IAM RAS, Scientific Center Julich (Germany).

The main areas of research:

  • mechanisms of accumulation of hydrogen isotopes in materials of walls of thermonuclear installations and methods of their removal
  • development of laser methods for surface diagnostics
  • modeling the interaction of laser radiation with matter